Make Your Reader Feel Good

Let’s say you’re a local Realtor, restaurant owner, mortgage agent, dentist, auto repair shop, clothing boutique, or child care center here in Oshawa or Whitby.

You’ve never written much in your life and you’re thinking how you couldn’t possibly get the right message out.  Admittedly, copywriting isn’t easy. Some people have a flare for it and some don’t.

It’s unfair to say though that you couldn’t write something valuable for your visitors and customers. I’d like to help you get started in this process by discussing something way more important than blog topic ideas, copywriting or layouts. With this important concept, anything you write will be powerful.

Your small business website content could generate a lot of great benefits — visibility on Google, sharing via Facebook, information delivered, persuasion, trust, credibility, and sales. So which should you focus on? If you’re a professional copywriter, you might be able to do all of them. For you, maybe achieving a few will work best. And as you’ll see, certain ones are paramount.

People like you when you say or do something that makes them feel good about themselves

To start your next blog post, think about what your customer needs, not what you need to sell. They don’t care about you, yet.

Customers Need to Feel Good About a Decision

Your visitors might need to buy a home in a certain neighbourhood, find out where to get low mortgage rates, find a good dentist to make their teeth white, or locate a trustworthy day care centre for their kids. So they’ve got functional information needs.

Focus on the specifics of the information they need. Show them gently how that information, data, opinions, review, suggests that your service is the right solution. Some websites have all of this and still don’t get sales.

Just because you sell that product or service doesn’t mean they’ll choose you.  Just because you’ve got great info and data doesn’t mean they’ll choose you. They may read all your material then buy from your competitor.

It’s not just about your value proposition either. You may be the best used car dealer in town, but they don’t like you or trust you. They’re afraid they’re going to get taken and buy a lemon — fear, anxiety, pain. You need to write about the things that lets them change their perspective.

For instance, your post could show how much value used car buyers get out of their vehicle, how great the price is relative to new car purchases, and about how long some of your customers have been driving the car you sold them. You can tell them how carefully you select the cars for sale and that buyers are getting a nice, comfortable car, at the price they can afford.

Negative prospects are usually stuck on details, so make them focus on the big picture.  Show them the vehicle features that make the most difference — interiors, looks, and how the car gives them mobility and access to make their lives more enjoyable.

Choose the Most Important Customer Needs

To get chosen, you have to satisfy many needs. The prospective customer makes a series of evaluations about your relevance, value, credibility and trustworthiness. What you say in your copy and how you say it will be used in their evaluation.

Feeling good is a single compressed emotion that represents all the decisions they have to make

In the end, the customer wants to feel good. Feeling good is a single compressed emotion that represents all the decisions they have to make. Feeling good is what comes right before their purchase decision, or the decision to call you or visit your business office.

No one buys a car or makes a move until they feel good about it. It’s a survival/evolutionary thing about humans. You need to write in a way that informs customers, but also makes them feel good. It’s a key part of successful internet marketing.

Studies show there are many emotions that drive consumer purchase decisions. Anger, awe, surprise, fear, anxiety all come into play. But it’s only the very positive emotions of comfort, happiness and belief that generate that click to buy. Whatever you decide to write about specifically, be positive and speak in a way that elicits excitement and true belief. Talk about the experiences and confidence people have when choosing your products/services. Get some testimonials from past customers and infuse them into your blog post at the right place.

Comfort, Trust, Satisfaction, Optimism, and Happiness are the best emotions to target

Why would this web visitor pick your business over your local competitor? It all comes down to how you make them feel about buying from you. Do you affirm their beliefs and values? How will your product/service make them feel good now and in future?

Take another look at your website design too. Is it clean, pleasant, and positive? Does it look professional? Does it help the visitor get clarity about their issue or does it present distractions and concerns? Does it make them feel comfortable? Get your web designer to create a website that has the imagery, colours, and design that emphasizes all these feel good elements.

Photos are important too. That’s why you see so many pics of people together, smiling faces, and beautiful scenes. Always remember when you’re writing, that it’s about them and their need to feel good.

Nice thing about being positive is that it opens up the mind and imagination. Get yourself in a positive frame of mind, and you’ll find you’re in sync with your customers. Once you’ve mastered “making them feel good” you’re well into the task of engagement strategy.

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