Around 60% of all WordPress sites are outdated.

What Security Issues Could Happen to Your WordPress Site?

Over time, if not monitored on a regular basis, many potential risks can happen. Here are some of the most common threats of a WordPress breach:

  • Outdated WordPress core files
  • Outdated plugins
  • Weak administrative login and passwords
  • Incompatible website hosting
  • Weak or no firewall
  • Unoptimized security settings
  • Unknown plugins with malware or vulnerabilities
  • Non use of HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer)

How Does Webgeek Keep Your Website Secure?

Webgeek Studio has a WordPress security package that covers all types of businesses for Oshawa and the surrounding Durham Region. First we’ll give a consultation followed by the necessary steps we’ll take to ensure full security is enabled on your website, giving you peace of mind. Once enabled, you’ll never have to worry about securing your WordPress website again.

We keep track of new exploits, bugs and hacker trends to make sure our package has you covered. We’re constantly improving our techniques and security package to keep you covered forever. If all else fails, we will recover your site within hours while we scan and investigate all possible issues.

Here’s What Our WordPress Security Package Offers:

Optimized WordPress Security Settings

Fully optimized WordPress security settings

WordPress Automated Backups

Automated backup of database and files daily, weekly, or monthly

WordPress Spam Protection

100% spam protection

WordPress Auto Update

Update your WordPress files and plugins on a regular basis

WordPress Secure Hosting

Examine your web host to ensure it’s fully compatible with WordPress

WordPress Firewall Setup

Firewall setup to block brute force type attacks

WordPress Security Scan

Scan regularly for vulnerabilities

WordPress crawl, robot block

Block unfriendly IP’s and robots from entering your site

Gain peace of mind forever.