What Makes Website Design Successful?

Is image all that important? Recent Surveys of web users showed almost 46% of their impression of a company is via it’s web design. 46% is a whopping big number and that means design actually overshadows other elements that visitors engage with on your website.

And if visual impact is 46% of the customer’s experience and decision, it seems wise to take the time to explore what makes website design work.

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive — Adobe.

In retail, at the supermarket or department store, you’ll see how packaging designers go all out to convince you to buy their product. Packaging design has a huge influence on consumer’s buying decision. Your website design is your company’s packaging. The impact/attractiveness of your website affects users impression of your trustworthiness and value proposition.

A poor looking website makes comfort and clarity difficult. Research by Google revealed that users preferred websites that were simple and familiar, so it would appear comfort and expectations play a big role. Google didn’t cover the matter of impact however.

It’s Not the Price

This might be a shocker, but the reason professionals and small business owners don’t invest in web design isn’t price. They’re concerned they won’t like the design and that it might kill business. A quick look at small business web sites, and you’ll find those with unnecessary complications, distractions, and confusion. Some are a mess, however this doesn’t have to be. This Oshawa web designer can work with you to create a site that’s comfortable, familiar and still motivate your visitors.

A lot goes into a web design now, but rather than get into that, I wanted to show you some amazing web site designs that make the right impact. Seeing is believing! Which one is your favourite?


Screen Capture Courtesy of Tartanhomes.com

Cool photo animation effect with clear focus on homes for sale. Buyers see the relevance right away.


Stunning visuals including video, spectacular photography, html5 animated layers, cool fonts, engaging stories all befitting one of San Diego’s premier restaurants.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Georgesatthecove.com


Canada’s top skiing and mountain biking destination website stops at nothing to make visual impact. Why? Visitors expect the maximum visual experience and they get an eyeful as they scroll down the page.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Whistlerblackcomb.com


For those in pain or who need a bright smile, the sight of smiling reassuring professionals shows they’ll be in good hands.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Riveroaksdental.ca


This site’s design is simple and gets out of the way, so visitors can immerse themselves in her tasteful, exquisite interior designs. Instant relevancy and impact.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Francesherrara.com


Visual impact is important to women shopping for fashion apparel. Here the designer gets navigation out of the way and puts fashion front and center. The scrolling parallax design throws in some mystery and surprise while letting female shoppers see what they’re truly interested in. Looks elegant and credible.

Screen Capture Courtesy of theoutskirts.ca


Admittedly, it isn’t easy to find really good web site designs. Out of each of them, I hope you recognize how simplicity and impact are vital to getting a businesses value proposition across.

If you believe you have a great company, you’ll want a website that reflects it. Don’t settle for mediocre. You’ll be part of the web design process from the start and you’ll get a clean, design you’ll like. Whenever you’re ready to look good online, give me a call. Your business deserves a good web designer here in the Oshawa and Durham areas.

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