Don’t get me wrong; the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is an amazing tool to better improve your content writing and overall optimization for SEO ranks. But when you’re more focused on front-end web design, you may come to realize that most of the features that come packaged with this SEO powerhouse are not necessary for your project.

Search engine marketing is not my specialty. However I do realize the importance of optimizing websites for future SEO purposes. So if you’re like me, and love using WordPress, it’s always important to include an SEO plugin (assuming your WordPress theme doesn’t have one included). So which plugin to use? Well I’m not going to a say All-in-One SEO pack, because it comes with the same issues.

The main reason I stopped using WordPress SEO

The reason is quite simple. Site speed. More times than not, clients I have worked with are more concerned with website performance and usability. These heavy all-in-one solutions are not always the best choice if you or your clients plan to use the most basic features. Site speed is important because it keeps users from closing a website pre-maturely.

Thanks to the Plugin Performance Profiler (P3), I am able to see which plugins are taking up the most load time for my websites.

Wordpress SEO plugin load time
Screenshot of a scan summary for my website. An estimate of 64.5% plugin impact of page load time.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the dark-yellow color shaped like an eyeless packman is WordPress SEO (I think it’s trying to eat my other plugins).

In most cases, the main features I would use with WordPress SEO would be simple tasks such as re-writing page titles & metas, updating the sitemap, and sometimes linking social sites for open graph data. These features can easily be done manually or with other lightweight, effective plugins.

Right now I enjoy using the FV Simplifier SEO plugin. I find it to be the best solution for re-writing page titles and meta tags. It’s lightweight and offers more advanced features than what I have mentioned. Better yet, everything is customizable with only one page.

Here are the best alternative plugins to consider if you don’t want your site to be slowed down by WordPress SEO:

  1. FV Simpler SEO
  2. Google XML Sitemaps
  3. WP Social SEO Booster
  4. Basic SEO Pack



  • Bunty Gurung
    Bunty Gurung

    Basic Seo does not seem to be updated for the last two years. Google XML sitemap and WP Social plugins seems to defeat the purpose so I have gone ahead with FV Simpler SEO. Fed up with unnecessay updates and additional bloats every other day. Thnks for the suggestion.


      Yes you’re right, Basic SEO is outdated. Same with Social SEO. At the time I wrote this post, they were still relevant. I’ve been using FV SEO for a few years now and it works great!

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