Website Design

Any agency can build a website, but an effective design will generate the results you need. Your website should represent the core values of your business. We understand this. Our focus is to make sure your grand vision is achieved.

Responsive HTML Websites
Webgeek WordPress Services for Business

WordPress Development

Using a CMS enables you to take your online presence to the next level.  The ability to manage your content with versatility will keep your business relevant in the digital market. We’ll handle the WordPress headache for you – all while extending it’s core to suite your needs.

Website Hosting

We are partnered with one of the  most eco-friendly hosting services on the market. In collaboration with environmental foundations, wind energy credits are purchased from the power we use and in turn, 300% of the energy used is put back into the grid. Effectively wiping out our carbon footprint.

Green Powered Web Hosting
Responsive E-Commerce Websites


From small hobby shops to large online retailing, we’ve got you covered. A well designed eCommerce site can be the difference between you and your competitors. Our job is to give your shoppers a solid user experience, ensuring their return.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing can boost your web traffic within 24 hours, resulting in a quick ROI. We regularly monitor our campaigns to ensure the right kind of clients are landing on your website.

Basic SEO and SEM