If you’re a WordPress developer who is a fan of infographics, check out the Killer WordPress Checklist.  It covers everything from the pre-development stage to security and post-launch maintenance.  Even though WordPress makes building a website easier, there are still are a lot of steps that designers and developers need to take to build a successful website that will drive traffic.

Capsicum Mediaworks LLP, a digital marketing agency, found themselves constantly searching the internet for WordPress checklists so they could ensure they were taking all the right steps when building their websites.

Time and time again they’d come up empty handed, so they took it upon themselves to create this killer checklist for designers and developers to make building that WordPress website just a little more convenient.

The checklist covers six stages of WordPress website development:

  1. Pre Development
  2. Development
  3. Launch
  4. SEO
  5. Security
  6. Maintenance

With more than 101 items to check off, we’re pretty sure this is the last WordPress guide you’ll ever need!

WordPress Killer Checklist Infographic

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