Is it Time to Upgrade your Website Design?

Have you been thinking about whether to upgrade your website lately? You’re not alone in this. Like so many other small business owners here in Oshawa and Durham region, your website may be a significant business liability.

The web is changing. Consumers and B2B customers are using their smartphones to surf the web, search, and share online. People love their smartphones. And what’s compelling about smartphone users is that they’re looking for local companies. Whether it’s a restaurant, dentist, plumber, clothing boutique, auto repair service, they want something right now, here in the Oshawa area.

That means these mobile prospects are better qualified leads than ever. You should be front and center with a great small business website — built for Oshawa/Durham consumers.

Website Designs Do Become Outdated

When you use an outdated web design, it has a negative impact on your visitors and customers. It sends the wrong message about your relevance and your services — your brand takes a nasty hit. Outdated web design suggests outdated, irrelevant business services, which suggests you may not be the best in the Oshawa Durham area. People want up to date services, expertise and products.

Tablet Website STand

There’s a gentle balance of form and functionality that fits your small business. A site designed for a corporation in Toronto won’t likely work for you. A website built for a business in Oshawa/Durham to suit your audience here makes a lot of sense.

How should you approach the matter of what kind of website to create and who should design it for you? Your first action would be to read a blog post about how to do that. Then your relevant contractors will come into focus.

7 Keys to an Up to Date Business Web Design

  1. Use a Comfortable and Attractive Web Design
    Studies have revealed how website visitors make immediate judgments of a website based on whether it feels comfortable, familiar and attractive. Your layout, style, colours should be simple and tasteful and not assault them visually. A simple clean web design such as what you’ll see with most WordPress websites is very good.
  2. Get Your Value Proposition Across Clearly
    Visitors need to understand quickly whether you have the solution/information they seek. They’ll give you only a few seconds to prove that. You can communicate your value proposition in pictures or words. The visitor must understand laser clear what it is you offer, your credibility, and why it’s good for them.
  3. Make your Content Scannable
    Visitors visually scan down your page to see if it is relevant to them. Your pictures, headings, copy, and other visual cues tell a quick story about your business. Make each thing they help unfold how relevant your services/products are to them.
  4. Make Your Web Site Mobile Friendly and Load Fast
    Since many users are viewing your site via smartphone on slow connections, they’re seeing your site way slower than you think. Though you’ll want all the bells and whistles, it might kill your business. Your designer will need to optimize code, server response times, photo resolution, and more so the impatient user gets what they need right away.
  5. Optimize it for Search Engines
    Most of your website visitors will come from Google search engine listings. Whether it is local maps listings or regular search results, customers only see perhaps 3 businesses in their initial browser screen. You must be in those spots or you lose that business. SEO is a complex process involving keywords, user engagement, and other websites linking to your site. Ask me more about search engine optimization.
  6. Use the WordPress Platform
    Upgrading to a new webdesign and inputting web content changes can be a time consuming, costly nightmare. WordPress is a type of Website design template that offers a lot of advantages for small businesses. It’s efficient, powerful and let’s you incorporate a lot of interactive elements into your pages. WordPress designs, layouts and navigation are better for users. And you save on website administration. Find out more about WordPress development.
  7. Use a Blog
    Blog posts create fresh content for Google and for your visitors. They want to relish the latest news and views about products/services. A blog celebrates, informs and encourages so it’s a great sales tool. One study showed that old blog posts generate the most traffic. Getting started right away on blogging is smart.

If you apply these 7 small business Web Design tips to your website strategy you’ll be on your way to an effective and sustainable web presence. And with a WordPress Web site, you’ll be able to scale up as your business grows.

As a small business owner in Oshawa/Durham, you have special challenges in competing online. Get reliable information about building your new website from Web developers in Oshawa who care enough to help. Contact me if you have questions about design. I’ll help you get the answers you need.

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