What makes WordPress a great eCommerce platform?  In one professional’s opinion, the level of flexibility might be the answer. From do-it-yourself enthusiasts to professional online retailers, WordPress presents endless possibilities of setting up an online shop for anyone who is willing to put in an effort.

The best eCommerce themes are designed to attract visitors towards your product. The calls to action are engaging and your products are clear and easy to scan through. These are some of the things I look for when selecting eCommerce themes for my clients.

Free eCommerce themes are not hard to come by.  But trying to decide the best theme to use for your website is a big decision.  Setting up an online shop is time consuming and costly if you rely on a professional agency to do it for you.  So, you want to be sure that you find the right one first.

As part of our top, hand-picked theme series, we have spent time and effort to select the best type of eCommerce themes for WordPress. All free of course!

Part of our selection process included top downloads, layout, design, effectiveness and variety of choice.  But don’t just take my word, look through the list and see for yourself.  I have provided demo links, screenshots and best features for each theme selected.


1 – eStore

Features: WooCommerce compatible, Custom widgets, Translation ready, Creative layouts.

Best eCommerce Theme, eStore
Author: ThemeGrill

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

2 – AccessPress Store

Features: WooCommerce Integration, eCommerce extensions, SEO Fridendly, Transation ready.

Best eCommerce Theme, AccessPress
Author: Access Keys

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

3 – Clean Commerce

Features: WooCommerce Compatible, Custom widgets, Featured carousel.

Best eCommerce Theme, Clean Commerce
Author: Wen Themes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

4 – Orfeo

Features: WooCommerce Extended, SEO Friendly, Translation Ready, Demo Install.

Best eCommerce Theme, Orfeo
Author: ThemeIsle

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

5 – EightStore Lite

Features: WooCommerce compatible, bbPress friendly, Translation ready, SEO optimized.

Best eCommerce Theme, EightStore Lite
Author: 8degree Themes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

6 – ShopIsle

Features: Full screen slider, Customizable, Multiple layout options.

Best eCommerce Theme, ShopIsle
Author: ThemeIsle

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

That concludes our list of the top 7 free WordPress themes for eCommerce websites. If you decided to download one, we have done our job well!

In a time where digital marketing rules, it still amazes me that WordPress is still 100% free for all to use.  An individual can literally start selling a product online for little to no cost and start working from home within months!  Of course, it takes a little more than a simple free WordPress theme to get started.  One must consider their web hosting, SEO or SEM strategy, social media advertising and good product overview to become successful.  But that is a subject for another day!

If you have any questions regarding the set up or installation of an eCommerce site using WordPress, send us a message through our contact page.  A Webgeek is always willing to help.

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