How do I Boost Engagement on My Blog?

That’s such a smart question because engagement is the hottest topic going from Oshawa to Toronto to Vancouver.  Being engaging means keeping people on your site.
People who stick around on your blog/website are more likely to become customers. I’ve had many prospects and customers tell me about all they read on my site and how they liked it. That’s nice to hear because it tells me I succeeded with engagement. And I must admit, my web design was not much to look at:)

What is the Essence of Website Engagement?

It’s content that’s significant and personally relevant to your audience. It’s helpful, insightful, and has a series of topics that makes them feel they’re getting closer to satisfying some need or goal.  Your customer research goal is to find out what they like and what their interests are. Think deeply about your customers and why they buy from you.
Don’t beat yourself up by trying to write post that is relevant to everyone.  You can’t do it. Visualize your main key customers and write as though you are speaking to them personally.

Here’s 20 Ways to Get Visitors Immersed and Engaged

  1. be clear about what your blog is about right from the start
  2. give them info/news they can’t get anywhere else
  3. talk about a famous person, one they likely are interested in
  4. be helpful – move them toward solving their problem
  5. be unique – don’t be run of the mill
  6. use an interesting title to generate excitement and get attention
  7. use Stats that support or prove your point – credibility
  8. use unique visuals that support your points
  9. use entertaining videos
  10. share a story about an interesting experience with one of your customers – it’s relevant and proves you can help them
  11. explain how to do something, show your expertise
  12. ask questions and write like you actually and sincerely need their opinion and that you respect others input
  13. write with a friendly, positive and supportive tone- readers need to feel good
  14. readers are busy so tell them why they should care and be excited about your topic and you should know why its relevant to them
  15. include something controversial that makes them see two sides of an issue
  16. Link out other good relevant content on the web so they can explore elements of your ideas
  17. Link to important pages of content on your site or other relevant blogs you’ve written
  18. ensure your website design/style looks good and isn’t messy or distracting because a poor design kills engagement
  19. use numbers in titles and headings – it attracts the eye and gives certainty or a measure of value you’re going to present
  20. include an interactive tool such as mortgage or loan calculator

You can measure how engaging your blog is by looking at your website stats and you can use some tools that give you additional insight. SEMrush, Sumo, Crazy Egg, Google Publisher Toolbar, can help you understand how far down the page users scrolled. They can help you see how the visitor’s time on site is increasing, and whether people shared your content with others on social media.

There are quite a few content engagement factors but perhaps the most important is conversion rates. Are more people contacting you or making a purchase?  Those are the results we want most.

Don’t forget that web design is also a big determinant of engagement rates. A nice clean, attractive and visually engaging design has its own impact.  Of course, nothing beats really good content.


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