Where would we be without WordPress?  There is no simple answer.  But one thing is for certain – the internet would not be the same today without it.  This open source software has enabled millions of people from around the world to share information, ideas, and resources with ease.  As a result, it has transformed our perception of online news and sharing.

From hobbyists and scientists to travelers and critics alike, WordPress is the number one go-to for those who wish to start their own blog site. After all, blogging is the core upon which this software was built.

In the spirit of blogging and for those who like to DIY, I’ve decided to start a series of hand-picked WordPress themes, all free! Here are 10 themes that will boost the appearance of your website and wow your visitors.

1 – Halcyon

Features: Full width slider, two column layout, SEO ready.

Halcyon by Rara Theme
Author: Rara Theme

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

2 – Faceblog

Features: Eye catching banner photos, sidebar menu, multiple layouts.

Faceblog by Mystery Themes
Author: Mystery Themes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

3 – Verbosa

Features: Fixed sidebar, clean design, grid layout, post formats.

Verbosa by CryoutCreations
Author: CryoutCreations

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

4 – Bloger

Features: Full width slider, modern design, bbPress compatible, SEO friendly.

Bloger by Access Keys
Author: Access Keys

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

5 – Weblog

Features: Three column layout, infinite load, post formats.

Weblog by Acme Themes
Author: Acme Themes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

6 – Simple Perle

Features: Minimalist design, three columns, infinite load.

Simple Perle by nudge
Author: nudge

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

7 – Vertex

Features:Full width banner, multiple column layouts, post formats.

Vertex by DessignThemes
Author: DessignThemes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

8 – Writee

Features: Full width slider, clean design, post formats, related posts.

Wrtiee by Scissor Themes
Author: Scissor Themes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

9 – Barletta

Features: Banner slider, unique design, nice typography.

Barletta by MOOZ Themes
Author: MOOZ Themes

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

10 – Fora

Features: Unique slider, modern design, two column layout.

Fora by CrestaProject
Author: CrestaProject

Download Theme | Preview Live Theme

That concludes this hand-picked series for blogging themes. Feel free to drop a comment on your favorite one or share others from around the web.

For any consultations of installing or configuring your WordPress site, get in touch today and I’ll help get you started.

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  • Mary Martin
    Mary Martin

    Hi Justin,
    Fabulous Article for free Blog themes. Thank you for compiling amazing themes.
    I would like to suggest one best theme for bloggers and it is Bloggers Lite WordPress theme. It is specially designed for Bloggers, writers and authors who want to share their experience with the world. It is amazing theme.

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